Siemens PABX HiPath VoIP, Digital, Analogue Telephone Systems

Siemens HiPath 1120 PABX Telephone System

Siemens PABX Siemens HiPath 1120 PABX Telephone System.

Siemens PABX Switchboard Systems, The professional Telephone PBX for Small sized Business Offices Order Product

Siemens HiPath 1150 HiPath 1150 PABX Telephone Switchboard System.

HiPath 1150 is a Professional Telephone PABX System for Small to Medium Sized Business Offices. Order Product

HiPath 2000 PBX Telephone System

HiPath 2030 HiPath 2000 PBX Telephone System.

HiPath 2000 is a Professional Small Business Office VOIP PABX Switchboard System.
  • HiPath 2000 PABX supports up to 30 x IP Subscriber Handsets (IP phones or Soft phones).
  • 2 x Analogue subscriber ports for Fax.
  • 4 x Bri Trunks.
  • 4 x Tbase 10/100 mini Hub.
  • Built-in DHCP server.

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HiPath 3000, 3500, 3550 PBX Telephone System

HiPath 3000 / HiPath 3500 / HiPath 3550 HiPath PBX 3000 / HiPath 3500 / Hipath 3550 Telephone System.

Siemens HiPath 3000 PABX is a Professional Office 19" Rack / Wall mounted Hybrid / VOIP PABX Switchboard System.

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HiPath 3800 PBX HiPath PBX 3800 Telephone System.

HiPath 3800 is a Professional Office 19" Rack / Floor standing Hybrid / VOIP PABX Switchboard Switch.
  • Tailor-made communication system and flexible port array.
  • Option of Analogue/ ISDN Basic Rate/ Primary Rate Telecom Lines.
  • PC Based Attendants console.
  • Voicemail / Auto Attendant.
  • Automatic Least Cost Routers.
  • VoiP enabled with range of IP telephones.
  • Networking to remote site (branch) or remote teleworker.
  • Telephone Management System for reporting on calls.

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HiPath 4000 PBX Telephone System.

HiPath 4000 PBX HiPath 4000 PBX Telephone System.

HiPath 4000 real-time IP communications server. Best in class real-time IP communications for medium or large enterprises
  • Full HiPath 4000 feature set available for all IP - distributed subscribers.
  • Central administration for the entire distributed IP architecture.
  • Scalable, Large capacity for HiPath 4000.
  • Up to 15 directly connected access points (AP 3300 or AP 3700).
  • Up to 83 additional IP - based access points (AP 3300 IP or AP 3700 IP).
  • Up to 12,000 digital or IP subscribers per IT switch.
  • Up to 100, 000 digital or IP subscribers in the HiPath 4000 network.
  • HG 3530 standby board.
  • Signalling survivability.
  • Payload survivability.
  • Management support (for example,SNMP).
  • Voice and data transmission in real time.
  • Support of different protocols, including SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

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Hicom 300E PBX Telephone System

Hicom 300E PBX Family HICOM 300 PBX Family, 300E, 350E, 310E Telephone System.

Hicom 300E Communication Server
Hicom 300E Communication Server is a global solution for international corporate customers, providing customers with a single communication platform, which can provide a common communication applications and solutions on a global basis. The Hicom 300E Communications Server, provides users with an ideal communication platform for business driven solutions, and is characterized by the following:-

  • Hicom 300E PABX Communication Server is available in three scalable platform configurations supporting, system capacities from, 96 to 5760 ports.

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HiPath OpenOffice ME VoIP PBX Telephone System.



HiPath OpenOffice PBX

Siemens PABX HiPath OpenOffice ME Switchboard Telephone System.

The simple and easy communications solution for SMEs.

HiPath OpenOffice is a unified communications solution that incorporates the latest in internet voice technology. Its designed and priced specifically for small and medium enterprises and because it uses genuine open standards, it integrates seamlessly into your existing IT environment.

The rich Features and Functionalities of the HiPath OpenOffice.

  • Up to a maximum of 150 users.
  • 4 x LAN.
  • 1 X DMZ.
  • 1 x WAN.
  • 1 x USB-Server.
  • 1 x USB-Service.
  • Supported Protocols and Standards.
  • NAT.
  • IPsec.
  • SNMP.
  • QoS.
  • Codecs: G.711; G.729.
  • VoIP (SIP-based).
  • Presence.

Telephones, Devices and Infrastructure Components.

  • IP telephones.
  • WLAN telephone.
  • SIP telephone.
  • PC client (opticlient 130).

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